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Signal Fire

Grow Twillingate is thrilled to announce the inaugural year of SIGNAL FIRE, our new Digital Projection and Exhibition Project. SIGNAL FIRE will present the work of seven internationally celebrated contemporary artists whose practices exist within or incorporate digital media in some way. Working with Toronto-based independent curator Greg Manuel, SIGNAL FIRE will present works by NL-based artists Ned Pratt, Will Gill, Kym Greeley and Jerry Evans alongside Ontario-based artists Alex McLeod and Shelley Adler, and Trinidad-based artist Rodell Warner


Beginning August 4th, the artists listed above will have their artwork showcased through a series of digital projections onto historic buildings around Twillingate. (see schedule below for times and locations).  These artists will also be featured in a six-week-long exhibition inside the historic Orange Lodge in Twillingate. Opening September 1st and running until October 10th, this exhibition will also include a curated selection of works by of NL-based artists including Ting Ting Chen and Julian Earle.


Curator Greg Manuel explains: “I come to the SIGNAL FIRE project with both a strong personal connection through family history in Twillingate and a passion and knowledge of the Contemporary Art world due to a fulfilling career in that field. The SIGNAL FIRE project provides a perfect opportunity for me to engage with both and create opportunities for further connections and conversations, locally and abroad. In this inaugural year of the SIGNAL FIRE project, I wanted to bring a diversity of voices and practices to Twillingate in order to further foster and expand the already existing nuanced and dynamic conversations taking place in this internationally recognized location. I hope that the juxtaposition of contemporary digital artwork and historic local architecture will be a catalyst for new and compelling conversations. What you’ll see this year is really only the beginning of what is possible. SIGNAL FIRE 2022 is only the ‘tip of the iceberg’.




                         Thursday Aug 4 - Saturday Aug 6 (9PM- 11PM)    ALEX MCLEOD (St Peter’s Anglican Church)

                         Thursday Aug 11 - Saturday Aug 13 (9PM- 11PM)    NED PRATT (Wooden Boat Museum)


                         Thursday Aug 18 - Saturday Aug 20 (9PM- 11PM)   SHELLEY ADLER (Masonic Temple)  


                         Thursday Aug 25 - Saturday Aug 27 (9PM- 11PM)    KYM GREELEY (Wooden Boat Museum)

                         Thursday Sept 1 - Saturday Sept 3 (9PM- 11PM)    JERRY EVANS (St Peter’s Anglican Church)

                         Thursday Sept 8 - Saturday Sept 10 (9PM- 11PM)   WILL GILL (Orange Lodge)


                         Thursday Sept 15 - Saturday Sept 17 (9PM- 11PM)   RODELL WARNER (Orange Lodge)

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