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In 2020, the Digital Arts Residency in Twillingate (DART) was offered for the first time to two artists as a pilot program. The artists in residence are provided a place to live and work, a contribution towards supplies, mentorship, connections, and the opportunity for community engagement. Emphasis is placed on the importance of immersion in the local culture and artists are expected to engage with the community.

The success of the DART program's first year incited two residencies in 2021, and Grow Twillingate Inc. is now anticipating a third successful DART program for the summer months of 2022.

DART 2021 Resident Artists:

Cory Babstock, aka Old Bones
▪ A fine arts photographer and digital storyteller

Rozalind MacPhail
▪ A performer, inspirational speaker, film composer and
music composer & educator


DART 2020 Resident Artists:

Pierre LeBlanc, aka The/La Commission GEDEON Commission
▪ A contemporary digital expression of sound artist

David Downton
▪ A multimedia video artist with a background in
filmmaking, 2D and 3D animation, glitch art, and

Funders and Partners

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