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Our Mission

Grow Twillingate Inc. is a not-for-profit organization that develops initiatives and events that support sustainable economic and community development in Twillingate.


It focuses on:

  • managing events and initiatives that sustainably support the cultural and economic development of  Twillingate Island;

  • creating and developing unique Newfoundland and Labrador festivals and events of economic benefit to the Twillingate region that also engage and provide opportunities to the local community;

  • creating and supporting initiatives that preserve the cultural heritage of the Twillingate area in support of a growing tourism industry.


Participants in Unscripted Twillingate Digital Arts Festival workshop

The Team

Grow Twillingate Inc. is steered by a volunteer board, supported by project team members that manage specific projects.


Board Members

Wilma Hartmann

  • Chair

Deborah Bourden

  • Board Member

Gerry Poirier

  • Board Director

Eleanor Dawson

  • Board Director

Mike McDonald

  • Board Director

Vacant (x 2)

  • Board Director



Maggie Langer

Program Coordinator

Krystal Blackler

Assistant Program Coordinator


Community Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator


Marketing Coordinator


Technology Coordinator



Festival Committee


Info to be updated soon

DART  Steering Committee


  • Wilma Hartmann

  • Gerry Poirier

  • Evelyn Scott

  • James March

Digital Arts Exhibit Steering Committee


Museum Heritage Garden Committee


  • Daphne Wheeler

  • Wilma Hartmann

  • Gerry Poirier

  • Linda Blondin

  • Maaike Charron

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